Dating tips for shy

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Dating tips for shy

Anticipate her needs: Knowing how a woman is likely to respond in different social situations helps you decide on the perfect time to approach her.For example: If you’re at a bar and a woman looks at you, looks away and then looks back again and smiles.Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence more than anything else.If you are a shy guy, some women will accept you, but they won’t ever fully respect you or feel as much attraction for you as they would for a confident guy.So, drop the shy guy act and start being more of an alpha male. If you did approach, what did you say and were you able to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting?

Shyness is useless and ruins a woman’s potential to feel sexual attraction for you because it is the opposite of confidence.

Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

Unless you are willing to fix your emotional weakness and become a stronger guy, then no amount of “dating tips for shy guys” will help you.

Don’t believe the junk that the TV or magazines advertisements try to feed you about being good looking, wearing the latest fashions and colognes and having six pack abs.

In real life, women hook up with confident alpha males, even if the guy is fat, ugly, bald or short.

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Yet, I eventually worked out the secrets to overcoming shyness and being a truly confident guy.

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