Dating shiny brite toppers

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Since 2001 Christopher Radko has reproduced some of the most popular Shiny Brite lines and you can find them in lots of stores (I found some at our local Homesense).

They are quality decorations and a great way to get the vintage look in new, pristine condition.

To this day, when I think Christmas I think of those cheerful glass ornaments. Although ours were from a variety of companies, the most popular of these vintage glass ornaments was made by a company called “Shiny Brite”.

To cover this shortage, the Corning Glass Company started to produce round clear glass balls that were blown automatically by machine rather than hand blown by mouth as their European counterparts had been.

Even in you find damaged ornaments, you can still use these to create wonderful decorative wreaths or as filler in vases and bowls.

With a little searching and a keen eye you can still find affordable vintage Shiny Brite ornaments that will bring sparkle, cheer and history to your Christmas season.

They proved extremely popular and at their peak came out of four separate factories in New Jersey.

Interestingly, the history of the Shiny Brite ornament was directly impacted by wartime America.

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Shiny Brites were proudly made in the USA (a selling point during WWII as previous to this many glass ornaments were imported from Germany).

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