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Then came Kelleher’s brief attempt to match her up with a former judge of the New York Supreme Court, which is a trial court and not the highest-level appellate court, unlike most state Supreme Courts.

A simple Google search revealed to Daggett that the man had been censured during his time on the bench for sleeping with an attorney who regularly appeared before him and reshuffling court appointments so he could sneak off to broadcasting school classes to pursue his dream of becoming a TV legal pundit.

Daggett and lawyers for both sides have declined to discuss details of the case, citing a nondisclosure agreement.

Still, the legal spat over Daggett’s love life opens a rare window into the dating habits of the ultra-rich, while also highlighting an inescapable truth that plagues all lovelorn romantics: Regardless of fame, wealth, and renown, love still proves fleetingly elusive.

Kelly Tillery wrote in the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Philadelphia.Daggett, a divorced mother of four who lives in an million Devon estate, turned to Kelleher International in 2014, hoping to find a companion with whom to spend her retirement years, according to her lawsuit.“Due to her senior level position in a local firm, [she] felt that social dating sites did not provide her with the degree of screening and privacy she was looking for,” the lawsuit states.But Jill Kelleher, the matchmaking service’s founder, in a 2013 New York Times Style section profile offered one observation that might explain her company’s fractured relationship with Daggett.Discover a Quality Christian Match For You At Christian Singles Only.

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Despite her attempts to cut off all contact, the suitor persisted — emailing Daggett, showing up outside her home, and eventually prompting her to hire an attorney to pursue a stalking complaint.