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She told me "City Phone"- When I told her that person doesn't live here she said OK We'll find them- Hung up Caller stated he was from State Farm and had a thick Indian accent- He asked about PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION, what medications I was on, was I on prescription pain killers, etc- He was VERY rude and hung up on me after I told him it was none of his business what medicines I was taking- They called day after day after day, even after I told them DO NOT call back and I am on the DO NOT CALL list Con artist praying on those unable to know a con when they hear it- Really calling a number that is not listed to an actual name telling me I owe them money- Sorry I don't deal with cons but I do have some people that will talk to them in person if they want to meet up downtown at inmate booking Just got a call from this #, no message was left- TCM HR is what appears on the phone - apparently this company is offically called the "Recruiters Network - The Association for Internet Recruiting"-I tried opening up their main website,but was alerted by my virus software on my computer to not open their site as it may have software bugs-Just a friendly warning to anyone reading this to be cautious A women called my house this evening from this number- She woke my baby then asked for a Mrs- *Insert Surname* that does not live here- I told her There is no one by that name at this number and felt to reply in a snarley voice I'll call back- One you live in New Brunswick and Secondly I am not married to the Gentleman *insert surname* who lives here I got very short, somewhat cryptic, boil water notice in a computer generate voice with no indication of who it was from - a very badly done public service message- But, it did give me enough notice to get to the stores before the bottled water ran out This person claimed that I did not show up for a court date. Person had a thick southern accent, so was difficult to understand. Got a Unknown Name Unknown Number call from a Charles Xavier from a company he called Department of Corporate Affairs Law Office (DCA) from New York City with phone number of , he stated that their is a federal legal action against me stated that I stole - from a federal pay day loan company in fact I didn?

t do- He preceed to state that I laundry money and somebody will be at my resident tomorrow (Oct- , ) at am to arrest me and served papers with their people- He also stated if I don?

Caller ID said it was WCCI- The caller identified himself as Chase Johnson - from the "fraud and worthless check division" (did not say which company he represents)- He left a message for either us or the (to us) unknown person he was seeking to call him back immediately- We will ignore this message because we have no idea who he is talking about , in fact, the person's last name is so unusual we do not have any idea how to spell it- I checked WCCI online and there are several companies (including a call station and a church) with that acronym but nothing that remotely refers to a company that would have a "fraud and worthless check division"- We also choose to ignore this call as in no way does it apply to us, our relatives, or anyone else we know WHITE PAGES SHOWS THIS NUMBER AS A COMCAST VOIP NUMBER- THIS NUMBER IS MY LANDLINE NUMBER AND IT IS NOT A VOIP NUMBER INTERNET I CONTACTED COMCAST TO VERIFY ABOUT THIS NUMBER - COMCAST STATED IT IS NOT A VOIP NUMBER- SO HOW DID I GET A VOIP NUMBER ATTACHED TO MY LANDLINE NUMBERThey called again, this time woke me up early Saturday morning- I usually don't answer, but in my sleep I picked up the phone- A recording said something like "THIS CALL IS FOR 'SUCH & SUCH' NAME- IF THIS PERSON IS AT THIS NUMBER, PLEASE CALL," The last name given is the same as mine, but I've never heard of the first name and have no idea who it is- I'm guessing this is a bill collector- Since I have no debt, my conscience is clear- I hung up on them again- There should be a law against this kind of harrassment Today I got a call from them too, It sound so suspicious that I even call a fellow giving him the phone number and told him too call them and see if it was a baloney-After a few minutes I found your blog and confirmed my thoughts so I call back my friend and we laugh a little bit about that, At the end this marketing guys are so bothered that they need to keep calling someone to maintain happy their crocked bosses-God bless them too, they need eat too-So let?

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t have the answers and was getting mad becasue I and asking questions- Before he hung up after getting mad he stated that fine is now ,- Then he called my mother-in-law and threated her that she would go to jail along with me- I called this person back and he proceed to tell me that he will see you in courthouse even if he to drag my fat in- Once agian I asked which courthouse and again he wouldn?

t tell me nothing, except how rude and demanding he is trying- Then I asked to speak with someone else, it sound like he put the phone down and a few seconds later the same guy picked up the phone and he told me his name is Rayan Scott of Resitution Head- This gentlemen was of a India or middle east speaking- If this was an actual debit collector he would provide me information on it, in which he had not- He was only concern of putting me in jail he didn?

These scam artists are trying to scare you into calling them back so they can get your money- They are what are called bootm feeders: In other words, third-party debt buyers- If you don't know about these bottom feeders, and the games they play, it could cost you dearly someday Got the same message on my work phone- My message was also cut off,which makes me think it was a pre-recorded message and not a real person- The message started,cut payment in half and something about making minimum payments but this was the last courtesy call and I had to return his call that day-As there was no reference to a company, I googled the number and found these posts,thank you all for sharing your experience- Won't be calling the scammer back- Isn't there someone we can contact about this?

CREDIT UNION BANK ALERT: Your VISA has been temporarily -DEACTIVATED, Please call Card Services line at () - I received a text message from stating the above message- I did not respond but both numbers are unpublished numbers, or cell phone numbers- This is a scam as I do not bank at a credit union Called me- Asked for someone who doesn't live here- Asked who was calling- She told me her name and I asked what was the company?

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