Dating salina

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Dating salina

Sometimes all it takes to receive new clarity is to stop thinking about the past or “mr.

If that was in fact the case, the external timing lever may have been painted John Deere green.

This listing of magnetos is not arranged in any particular order, although they do tend to be listed from the earliest introduction to the latest. 136115 John Deere part # AD116R used on D 30,400-35,308 Note: This magneto was very similar to the following listed one, with the main differences being it had an exposed impulse assembly rather than enclosed and the drive member was slotted rather than tanged.

It required a tanged drive float on the magneto end of the drive float.

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Fairbanks & Morse model R2 John Deere part # AC432R application GP 200,111 up GPO 15,000 up GPWT 400,000-405,109 Note: This magneto had raised lettering on its' rear side that said John Deere Tractor Company Waterloo, Iowa.

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