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Sloan Foundation have collaborated on bringing scientific subjectes to the stage.The main event of these annual First Light Festivals is an especially commissioned full-length play.Ato Essandoh exuberant and amusing Victor and Judith Roberts' sly Aphrodite have the easiest time in terms of enlivening the lengthy discussions, but all four actors handle the wordy format quite well. Hourie Costume Design: Devon Painter Lighting Design: Gregg Mac Pherson Sound & Original Music: Lindsay Jones Running time: 2 hours, includes an intermission. Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project at EST, 549 W.The title is best explained by one of the lectures interspersed as audience addressing monologues throughout the play-- in this case the lecturer is Angela who grabs her students' attention by announcing that her lecture is about dating and then moves on to explain an archeological paralell. Perloff describes the arts as integral part of cities and how his studies came in handy.

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On a more personal note, Angela is still reeling from her one brief detour into flesh and blood love during a summer dig in Cyprus.