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Dating numerology calculation

The oddity is that 10 = 1010 in binary arithmetic – .

HOWEVER, if you count the fingers on your hands in unary arithmetic – no zeros – then 10 fingers, in unary mathematics, = 11111111111 – EXACTLY 11 ONES. Martin who utilized celestial charts for the town of Bethlehem to predict the birth date of Christ based upon the appearance of the famed “star”.

When it comes to pyramids the number 11 is considered “sacred” in that it plays a considerable role in proportions. Geller also points out that the number 11 is considered to be “harmonious” with Pi.

These factors for Geller point to the fact that the number 11 is an integral part of the mathematical infrastructure of the entire universe.

This discrediting puts Geller in a precarious position and makes many doubt his “talents.”Geller claims that he first began experiencing what he calls the phenomenon when he was 40 years old.

At this time he said he would be compelled to look at the clock and notice that the time read each time.

Uri Geller is known for his examples of the playing in to various world events.

The exact origin of in numerology is unsure; however, one figure that plays a significant role in the phenomenon is Uri Geller.Many people are familiar with the concept of making a wish when they spot the numbers on a clock – this stems from the belief that on a clock is an auspicious sign and the perfect example of the phenomenon.Depending who you ask the interpretation of the appearance of is varied.Geller points to the appearance of in unary arithmetic.Some of the beliefs that Geller points to include the following as found in his article on the phenomenon:(a): 11=3, in binary arithmetic.

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These scriptures claim that September 11, 1999 celebrated the 6,000th anniversary of the creation of Adam – year 1 in the Hebrew calendar.