Dating ludwig drums serial

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Dating ludwig drums serial

Any estimate for drums made from 1972 and newer are just estimates and less precise than in earlier years.

There are some purchase dates reported from original owners which help to refine estimates for the later 1970s, but there is still a bit of flex to the numbers. __________________ Collecting information about the following for ongoing research projects: Gretsch drums with serial numbers, Ludwig Keystone and B/O badge drums with serial numbers and date stamps, Ludwig Standards from 1968-73, and Ludwigs with paper labels from 1971-72

My original SC kit was Sable Black and had the Mach Lugs. My limited experience generally comes from drooling over all you guys here on the forum that own them. I thought it was just to provide an extra "branding option" should the RIMS mount cover the badge. Mind you something like that would retail for around 5 and a half to 6 thousand here (last I checked), so we seldom see CM's on the shop floor at all in Oz.My 2007 Red Sparkle CM's has 2 on the toms, and several toms before, and after '07 have 2 badges.It was to put the bracket section of a RIMS mount between the badges.

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Understand that there are not missing records for 1977/78, but rather no records at all from Ludwig relating serial numbers to years of production from the early 1960s through the 1970s.