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I met my prince charming on a very first night I came to USA where I stayed for three months which I spend working on one environment project.

I wasn't EVEN THINKING about having anything with him since he was a Muslim from Jordan, appeared much older than me and I was just buying a slice of pizza in a pizzeria he was working at.

Most people assume single women in the Middle East are — how shall we say this?

— stymied; that it’s difficult for them to have a social life, date, or go out at night.

In Jordan, at least, people who assume that would be wrong.

He was also in a relationship with an American-Spanish women who gave him a child and after three years ran away from him afraid he would steal that child from her.

After a while, we started a nice romantic relationship. He treated me like a princess asking me EVERY SINGLE DAY how I'm doing or if I need anything. He told me the truth about his situation right away and straight to my face.

He bought me a lot of things, spent a lot of his time with me, fed me so many many times. I knew there' s no future with a man who isn't free.

Despite alcohol being labelled a controlled substance, it is still freely served in the country’s many bars and nightclubs. Watch the video above and learn a little bit about the life of single women in the Middle East.

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