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Given our commitment to smart, beautiful romcoms and the legends who both designed and protected the genre for decades, it’s heartbreaking to see it gutted by clunkers that don’t quite hit the right mark.

Between poor acting performances, inadequate scripts and comedy that simply doesn’t have a punch, it’s been said that studios have ample reason to largely abandon the form.

Few viewers came for the romance nor the comedy; the limited release film grossed only million.

Stacker Score: 38.00IMDb rating: 5.6Tomatometer: 20%Using what Roger Ebert called “the idiot plot,” this Russo brothers (Arrested Development) 2006 film couldn’t be saved by Kate Hudson’s nor Owen Wilson’s charm.

Stacker Score: 37.50IMDb rating: 5.5Tomatometer: 20%Directed by Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally) and based on a premise related to Mike Nichols’ groundbreaking 1967 hit The Graduate, this film should have been at least decent, particularly given the starpower of the cast, which included Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner and Shirley Mac Laine.

Stacker Score: 36.50IMDb rating: 5.7Tomatometer: 16%In Tyler Perry’s feature film debut, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, viewers first get to meet grandmother Madea (played by Perry), who would later take on her own set of franchise films.

But it’s Madea’s sassiness that steals too much of the show in what could have been a romantic dramedy focused on the blossoming love affair of newly separated Helen (Kimberly Elise) and Orlando (Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds).

This 1982 sequel just felt like recycled materials without the stars, said critics, while it seemed to please about half of the audience (except for Newton-John, who eviscerated it).

Patricia Birch, who choreographed the original musical romcom hit, directed the deflated sequel.

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Hudson and Matt Dillon are newlyweds, with Wilson in the titular role of Randy “Dupree”—a most unwelcome guest who comes between the happy couple in more ways than one with silly gimmicks and humor that doesn’t quite land.