Dating for separated men

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I’ve dated other guys before and after my mission and this guy has the qualities I most admire.

I’ve told my parents and my bishop about it and they are all encouraging me to break it off just because he’s still married.

In the end, they’re all just excuses to justify selfishness.

He made a commitment to his wife and children that he needs to resolve before he moves on and starts making other commitments. He can tell himself (and you) that it’s just a technicality that he’s still married, but that kind of rationalization should be a red flag as you evaluate his integrity.If you’re in a hurry to be married, this guy may take longer than you want to be ready for remarriage.Also, please consider that the long-distance is likely working for him because he can keep you from being discovered.However, the problem is that while you’re on the hook to be in this relationship, you can’t get to know him better in his own environment.You can’t meet his friends, his children, or his family.

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