Dating for people with no kids

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Dating for people with no kids

People can understandably feel embarrassed by their situation and this comes down to the anxiety and worry of what ‘friends’ and society may really think about you.I believe once you are over those initial hurdles and accepted the reality of your position, and are in a better place emotionally – no matter how long that may take, then dating could be a viable option.She was attractive, seemed to have a good personality and I was on a high knowing that my situation of having two very young children for half of the time was; well, what I thought to be, pretty unappealing really.

I had to end the call abruptly as I was needed by one of the kids as they were crying.

Firstly, I just wanted to say a big ‘Thanks‘ to everyone who read my last post, about Dating as a Single Parent – would you?

– there was loads of engagement, likes and shares – it really is massively appreciated!

When the children’s mother and I split up over 4 years ago, I quite quickly started dating (as I have previously eluded to).

I think for anyone who you have children with and then become single, whatever the reason, it can be a natural emotion to look to replace that person – but it is a minefield for a whole multitude of reasons.

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However, I knew there and then, we were fundamentally different and that ‘common’ understanding I am seeking, was just not there.