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At any rate, the odds of a female M being at a Mensa function are less than one out of three.

But single women – even Mensans – often decline to go to a party alone.

And usually there is a good reason: either appearance, neuroses, or lack of desire for marriage.

Now, the probability of a chance meeting of any two Mensa-qualified people is only two out of a hundred.

And the figures appear to support our analysis of the problem.

The problem is that this level of intimacy is only possible between equal partners. It is easy to have a positive regard for almost anyone – children retardates, illiterates, or transvestites.

We can appreciate their appearance, their talent, their warmth and charm.

And since we cannot trust that person’s judgment, we therefore cannot be as open and honest as we would like to be.

Our love for the person of average intelligence is therefore like that of a parent for his child or of a teacher for his retarded student.

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We naively thought that now everyone would love and admire us. A person with a high IQ is a deviate – just as much as a retardate or a transvestite.

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