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You're more likely to get in by knowing the barstaff than wearing your best Armani shirt - which is surely a good thing - and the funky music and atmosphere is hard to beat.Finally no Warsaw night out is complete without calling in on The Eve on the way home.Of course one man's roisterous rave is another man's dud disco, so it's worth doing your research before you pack your red paint and jump aboard the next easy Jet flight.However since Warsaw boasts every type of entertainment from boho bars and louche lounges to meatmarket clubs and hands-in-the-air techno joints, a little knowledge is often the only key needed to unlock her best treasures (…notwithstanding a decent dress sense to make it past the decidedly picky bouncers! We'll give you some ideas in each nightlife category below, although for a full run-down check out our bars and clubs directory where you'll find blow-by-blow accounts of what Warsaw has to offer - including reviews from that all important critic, Joe Public.

In Poland's vibrant, cosmopolitan and fast-paced capital.

Most sensible people would agree that the prelude to any good night clubbing out starts at a bar.

The chance to listen to ear-splitting hardcore trance whilst being jostled by bare-chested meatheads and spaced-out supermodels is never so appealing when sober.

Employing a private detective to trail Charity, Sadie bribed her relative and lover Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) to get Charity in a compromising position.

“It’s pretty amazing seeing how calm it is for the kids with them but they are definitely not an item again.” New York-born Miller met Law on the set of the movie in which he seduced her onscreen.

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And of course if all you want from your nightlife is a good old pint of the black stuff, Jimmy Bradley's is a superior venue of its kind.

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