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Of course one man's roisterous rave is another man's dud disco, so it's worth doing your research before you pack your red paint and jump aboard the next easy Jet flight.However since Warsaw boasts every type of entertainment from boho bars and louche lounges to meatmarket clubs and hands-in-the-air techno joints, a little knowledge is often the only key needed to unlock her best treasures (…notwithstanding a decent dress sense to make it past the decidedly picky bouncers! We'll give you some ideas in each nightlife category below, although for a full run-down check out our bars and clubs directory where you'll find blow-by-blow accounts of what Warsaw has to offer - including reviews from that all important critic, Joe Public.

Krakow may boast more bars per square metre than anywhere else on the planet (or so Krakovians keep telling us!A fantastic looking place full of fantastic looking faces, it has successfully emulated the formula of London's most elitist bars.And if you can't get in there then Szlafrok is another quality venue along the same lines.There are of course many who would say that it's not that appealing when drunk, in which case the bar takes on an added import as the sole focus of your night.But whether you're dropping by simply for the sake of oiling up, or because you intend to make yourself part of the furniture, we can strongly recommend you checking out the likes of Mono Bar, Paparazzi, Lemon Cafe and Sheesha when in Warsaw.

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And of course if all you want from your nightlife is a good old pint of the black stuff, Jimmy Bradley's is a superior venue of its kind.

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