Dating fear being alone

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Dating fear being alone

Here is the boundary: In order to cure your fear of being alone, you need to put a boundary around your wish for a relationship.

Cure that fear first, and then find a relationship.

“Just call him and tell him that it is over,” I (Dr. I had listened to her for months now about her dating relationship with Scott and how she could not stand some of his hurtful patterns. There were all sorts of promises of change and the usual things that people in denial say when threatened with loss of love. I told her to come in anyway so we could talk about it. She described the depression and aloneness that she went into when she broke it off and held her ground.She was a strong person in the business world, a committed Christian, and a ministry leader in her church.Everyone loved her, and no one would have thought that she would put up with someone like Scott, or that she could be so devastated by breaking up with such a jerk.How do you cure your aloneness without a dating relationship? Make him your first priority so that you are not trying to get God needs met by a relationship with a person.Second, strengthen your relationships with safe, healthy Christians. The best boundary against giving in to bad relationships, less-than-satisfactory relationships, or bad dynamics in a good relationship is your not needing that relationship.

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There are also several online and offline forums or support-groups that can encourage an individual open about his fears about love and commitment.

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