Dating a bipolar relationship

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Dating a bipolar relationship

One reason depression is more debilitating than mania is that it lasts longer; another is that it occurs more frequently: According to a 2002 study by Lewis L.

“Few people understand [that] depression sucks the life out of you,” says C. “Desires, self-esteem, motivation, self-worth—any of those qualities that keep you going in life—disappear.” Since her 2002 bipolar diagnosis, she has gone only 18 consecutive months without depression. The guilt she feels at withdrawing from her child only intensifies her depression.Most people find that treating the symptoms of bipolar disorder requires a combination of medication, psychotherapy, and psychoeducation.Sometimes substance use treatment, intensive outpatient programs, and hospitalization are necessary as well.It’s also important to remember that mood symptoms won’t simply vanish forever, so don’t put off getting help just because you feel better.When you’re experiencing a stable mood, that can often be the most effective time for building support and finding effective medication to manage future episodes of mania or depression.

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