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Dating  new email to email ru

While many MTAs will deal with just \n, I've run accross plenty of them that will exhibit "interesting" behaviours when this happens.Those MTAs that are strict in compliance will definitely break when header lines are terminated with only \n.

While the function doesn't provide an error directly, you can use error_get_last() when mail() returns false.There are many other factors that can contribute to mail not getting to inboxes, including your own multiple failed testing attempts, so I suggest you consult each site's guidelines and don't ask me for help. On a UNIX system the MTA's "sendmail" interface assumes that recieved data will use UNIX line endings and will turn any \n to \r\n, so you must supply only \n to mail() on a UNIX system to avoid the MTA hypercorrecting to \r\r\n.These are just the couple technical issues that helped my case. If you use plain old \n on a Windows system, some MTAs will get a little upset.I hope this saves someone some time and headaches... qmail in particular will refuse outright to accept any message that has a lonely \n without an accompanying \r.Be careful to not put extra spaces for the $headers variable. For qmail users, I have written a function that talks directly to qmail-queue, rather than going through the sendmail wrapper used by mail().

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I was having delivery issues from this function to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

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