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According to Etymology Online it comes from Cybernetics, which in turn comes from the greek for "Helmsman" and is the study of governation or governing systems.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we update our systems.Bo that would mean that pretty much everything is cyber-, because everything is controlled by something.The rational middle ground would be for "cyber-" to now mean "internet," unless it is followed by a greek or latin root, in which case it would mean "control systems" Is it safe to assume this?all have Latin roots, so your proposed rule of thumb doesn't even work on your own examples. (And some might even consider a single app or game a cyberspace.) is the exact same word in any context, and it is only from that context that you can tell if it means "the theory/science of communication and control in the animal and the machine", "the art/study of governing, controlling automatic processes and communication", or "technology related to computers and Internet".The closest hypernym for all the newer things cyber is probably "virtual". Words can have more than one meaning, and so can morphemes.

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