Custom control not validating

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Custom control not validating

This includes things like password reset, integrating social login, using multifactor authentication, and more.With Auth0, all of this is done for us out of the box, and we don't need to worry at all about form validation.TL; DR: HTML forms might seem like a trivial matter, but they are important to get right.In this tutorial we will look at how to implement forms with Angular 2 and learn about the classes provided by the framework to do so.Angular really shines with async validators so that we can have a streamlined construct to handle asynchronous operations in our form validation.

If you don't already have an Angular 2 project wired up, a good way to get started is to grab a seed project such as ng2-play.Adding authentication to an Angular 2 app is really simple and, depending on your setup, can be done in under 10 minutes.If you don't already have any Auth0 account, sign up for one now to follow along with the other steps.Angular 2 forms also support asynchronous validation, which allows us to do some really cool things like send requests to a backend to check whether a username or email is already taken.In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to use the classes and directives related to forms in Angular 2 by creating a series of user registration forms.

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