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College senior dating sophomore

The Internet is full of transgender opportunities that institutions of higher learning offer before and during those formative college years.

If we provided an inclusive list, it would all run together into a confusing (to parents) alphabet soup of acronyms.

Diagnostic testing or even basic counseling are no longer necessary, and college-bound teens have quickly figured this out.

College is a time to “find oneself,” to try on different hats. Some teens start to explore a transgender identity in high school, often via the Internet.

The following piece is a collaborative effort by a group of parents whose offspring began “gender transition” at university.

They will be responding in the comments section under the username “POSTS”: Parents Of Sudden Transgender Students.

For a high school student questioning their identity, there is much advice available to help them select a trans-friendly campus.

Your soon-to-be-away-from-home child may click away on the new wealth of information that could feed into their choice of college, as in campus pride, more pride, a pride guide to transforming your body.

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