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Those tend to be large expenses, and having a savings cushion is essential in each situation.

You probably don’t want to start married life or parenthood off being in a boatload of debt, and having to pay PMI on your mortgage because you didn’t put a certain amount down isn’t great, either.

I’ve chosen to prioritize my student loans because aside from retirement, I have nothing else to save for, and no other debt.

I’m happy with the amount I have going toward retirement, and the extra amount I can pay toward my student loans.

However, not everyone should (or can) follow this route.

If the interest rates on your student loans are low (around 2%-4%), some would say you’re better off investing the extra money to see a higher return.

In theory, this is true, but you have to be 100% committed to actually investing your money to realize those returns.

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That means if something else comes up in the future, you can adjust your student loan payments accordingly to lessen the financial difficulty you’re experiencing.

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