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College dating high school

Get to know different kinds of people and see what’s wonderful about every unique individual.Dating should be an enjoyable and adventurous experience, so trek through love with an open heart and open mind.Just make sure to clarify your intentions to your date and be sure you understand what they want as well!With so many new people around you, you’re bound to find your perfect type in no time, right? In fact, it would probably benefit you more to try dating different people instead of expecting a “ready-made” perfect type of person from the get-go.

You could realize you like a certain attribute you never considered before, or you’ll realize exactly what you don’t want in a SO.

In high school, if two people go to the movies together over the weekend, suddenly everyone thinks they’re a couple that’ll stay together till graduation do them part.

Dating in college is a lot less binding and can be a much freer experience.

Keep up an open mind and socialize a bit, so that when someone does pique your interest, you can just casually ask for a coffee or study date to start.

In high school, you see the same people in your classes for four years straight, and you all know a lot about each other already.

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With the hundreds of students you meet in college, it can still feel like a lot of pressure to pick one out of many, let alone ask them on a date.

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