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pesti mong mga buanga, mo ,mgpalami pamo eapload pa ninyu kabuang,,pagka wala nnyuy uwaw,,kaw babae ka putli ng utin s imo lalaki paapload pa arang kagamay de kaabot s pusod waaa hahaha..tagam ka babae.animal mo..

Although some artists rejected or resisted being categorized as "Shibuya-kei," the name ultimately stuck, as the style was favoured by local businesses, including Shibuya Center Street's HMV Shibuya, which sold Shibuya-kei records in its traditional Japanese music section.

Increasingly, musicians outside Japan, such as Britain's Momus, France's Dimitri from Paris, and the US artists Natural Calamity and Phofo are labelled Shibuya-kei.

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