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Church of christ internet dating

Individuals(like plants) who come looking for answers( and nutrition) rather than a tougue lashing are many times turned away from spiritual growth as well as the ability to bear fruit(or bring the gospel to others).

Clearly, Hafichuk and Cohen have not learned that very basic lesson.

God corrected Balaam --- I don't recall him admonishing the donkey.At least that is the concensus of others who have written to us and been at the receiving end of the Hafichuk diatribes.In turning out page after page of hateful correspondence to individuals who stumble innocently into his path, Hafichuk certainly commands an impressive knowledge of the Bible(although Satan himself knows the bible backward and forward as well); and anyone with a decent word processor and thematic bible search software can quite easily duplicate Hafichuk's and Cohen's expositions.There is also a group of would-be Christians who we will identify later in this posting who perhaps need some serious correction---but to this date, I haven't seen any of these bedfellows of Hafichuk on the receiving end of his vicious attacks.Solomon and perhaps others who penned the book of Proverbs acknowledged that the man who strives for righteousness still fails and falls in this human body but rises up again by the indwelling of the Spirit of God who will gently and repeatedly correct and re-orient each one who accepts Christ as personal Savior.

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