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Christian books about dating for teenagers

They are looking to you for guidance and direction, and though you would desperately like for someone to have kept you out of that situation in the first place, you have to be the leader and make sure they make it out safe and sound." But Michael also offers this hope for parents caught up in wilderness experiences, “Times in the wilderness can teach us to trust in God. So, people who go through those experiences in the wilderness come to learn His worth and therefore they learn to truly worship and trust Him even more.” I find that so true.

Though most of us don’t voluntarily choose wilderness experiences (like being a single parent), they can be times of great growth both in our relationship with God and with our children.

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Don’t allow that discouragement and the lack of positive feedback and support to make you give up. Yes, your teens are missing something by not having both parents in their lives.

You will not make things better by allowing that to be their excuse to get away with damaging and destructive behavior.

You can’t “make it up to them” by letting them use your sympathy for them as a "get out jail free" card that allows them to do whatever they want. One of the biggest impacts of single parenting is the economic impact.

Find someone—an extended family member or a sitter—to fill in for you once or twice a week, to give you time away to recharge your batteries.

And don't forget to take time to pray and meditate on God's Word on a daily basis.

My friend Michael Card likens single parenting to a wilderness experiences.

They are trying to do an already difficult task without all of the resources they need.

(If you know a single parent, go to them and find ways to encourage them.

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