Chelmsford weekly news dating

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Chelmsford weekly news dating

As the town’s population increased, the demand for more retail spaces grew, and the arrival of department stores facilitated the absorption of many of the smaller businesses.

Observing the sites of 61-66 High Street on several Ordnance Survey maps, it was immediately obvious that a number of properties had been consolidated, demolished or rebuilt over time.

Using the first edition OS map of 1876 as a starting point, it is clear that large, department sized stores were not yet a standard feature of the high street.

Based on this map, we can see that properties in this section of the high street were small and packed closely together, perhaps the result of centuries of uncoordinated and sporadic development.

We are lucky that Chelmsford has been mapped and re-mapped several times over the centuries, enabling us to make comparisons over time, and to find traces of the medieval town in today’s High Street, even though no buildings from that period survive.

In this post we will show how we have used maps in this project to look at the detailed history of specific properties.

Whether these new, spacious retail establishments improved the overall appearance of the high street is open to debate.

Read, of Rutland Road, Chelmsford, was discharged from hospital yesterday after receiving treatment and was subsequently arrested.

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The former Queen’s Head building has been demolished, and in its place a uniform, rectangular building has been erected.

The narrow passageway has been built over and now features as part of the sites of 61 and 62.

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The Queen’s Head is still present, identifiable by the ‘PH’ for public house.

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