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Camshow archives

However, with that freedom to spend days in masturbation marathons and nights using sexslaves, comes a huge amount of work, both physically and mentally, since My form of domination is very consuming.

And because I have a goal to continue as a porn Goddess for the rest of My life, My approach is about keeping Myself happy and healthy, while staying focused on the addiction that My intense sexuality creates, so I can enjoy it…never letting it become a negative thing.

This recent burst of warmer temperatures has Me super excited about summer…so Ive been shopping!!!

These next few months always become a whirlwind of events, parties, sex, sun, drugs and beachtime.

Its difficult to explain the way My career as a Domina and online exhibitionist has truly been a piece of art work, not the typical “” story, I have crafted both a lifestyle and an income, based off what I love most…sex.

In this set I decided to put on a little public display with my girls I’m sure the people in this building had a nice show lol. I get a thrill out of flashing my titts in public lol.

My smiling tits and friendly booty welcome you to the land of the handbra, the library of lapdance, the world of the wardrobe malfunction.

Inside, you'll find rare bathroom paintings by George W. You'll be able to download meals from my very own refrigerator, and print them at home in your kitchen.

Its the #2 choice, DUNGEON, that has Me wondering…starting to imagine what My minions were wishing they could see when they envisioned Me in a BDSM playground.

What am I wearing…who is My slave…what will I do to him…OH IT HAS ME THINKING!!!

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