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Calgary sdult hook ups

Whatever kind of facial hair you have, we're sure that you're not exactly looking to go clean shaven to portray your favorite character.

Fret not, because fortunately we have a TON of costumes for men with beards, mustaches, sideburns!

And he wears that iconic 70s mustache like few others can!

If you'd like to step into the role of the KVWB Channel 4 broadcaster, one of our authentic men's costumes is sure to be just the choice.

This officially licensed costume is the perfect choice for the guy who enjoys a good pun! Try your turn as the TV character when you go in this Halloween exclusive costume for men.

Whether reliving your favorite moments or just looking for a fun throwback look, the furry plush jumpsuit and oversized character mask will turn any human into the lovable alien from Melmac!

Our advice would be to leave little Carlos at home for your night of shenanigans!

If you feel ready to hit the ring just like the Hulkster himself, our WWE officially licensed costume will have you ready to rumble!

With authentic Hulkamania graphics on the shirt and weight belt, you'll have the style to rise to the top ranks of the WWE. El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

With the shirt, jacket, and vest (that looks suspiciously like a life preserver to the people of 1955), this costume set also includes some cool prop accessories that are sure to make you feel like a resident of Hill Valley—in any era! So, you might not be ready to run across the country (and then back again) but that's no reason you can't rock the shaggy bearded look of Forrest Gump when he "just felt like running." With gym shorts and a shirt styled directly from the movie, this costume also includes an ever-popular Bubba Gump hat, along with the signature long beard and wig set.

This officially licensed set is perfect for any movie buff. And no matter if you employ the exaggerated mannerisms of Carrey's Riddler, or prefer a more stoic type super criminal, this authentic jumpsuit costume will have you ready to go toe-to-toe with Batman. For any guy old enough to remember the 80s, watching the hilarious alien, Alf, series is sure to be a fond memory.

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