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If you’re clever, you already spotted step 1 to getting a girlfriend: go on dates.

Dates can be thought of as a trial period for couples to see if you want to get to know another person or not.

So we’re […] A few days ago, I challenged you to write down your musts — your dating deal breakers.

Now we are going to think through your wants — the things that you desire but that are not essential to your happiness.

When dating, each subsequent date must progress more and more.

If the first date as great and the second is a flop, then you can kiss (or not) that potential girlfriend goodbye.

If you’re looking to turn that woman into your girlfriend, then you’ll need to be interesting enough to want her to get to know you more.

Usually I find that most guys have all the other aspects of their life covered, but remain clueless when it comes to really building massive attraction.My wife, Lisa, was invited to a birthday party and she brought me along.I knew nobody there and we sat at a table with a couple I’d never met.The first date being the most important of them all as it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship, no pressure!It doesn’t matter where you get the date, personals, through friends or even randomly meeting someone during the day using some crafty pick up lines, it’s the first date that counts the most.

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You […] The singles event industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

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