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Bucaramanga dating

3) Not at the level of the Dominican Republic or even Cali, but you do see alot of girls with big booties and natural curves.The level of plastic surgery is way lower than other major Colombian cities.In the end it doesn't matter, as I am always moving on to the next one. I had massive difficulties in Colombia and the rest of South America with them. I kissed and boob/ass touched three but never got a bang out of them.

So if you are a blond blue eyed gringo YOU will do well here. I would suggest taking a weekend excursion to the near by city of Cucuta and banging out a weekend of partying and slaying women. Buena suerte Update: Banged 2 girls this weekend..2nd dates.

4) No first date lays like in the Philippines or even sometimes in Medellin.

Expect a 2nd or 3rd date lay by cooking them something nice in your pad.

They like things done their way and aren't so flexible.

In the end it doesn't matter, as I am always moving on to the next one. I wouldn't mind at all if the girls are conservative, but it's a little disheartening to hear that the average one is ony a 5 or 5.5.

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Im a Latino American so my exotic factor comes in with my accent in Spanish and with my travel experience. G, Bucaramanga is as safe a city as I have been to in Colombia. This was not meant as a data sheet as I have been here 5 days. One was 27 and a 6 and the other one 24 and a 7, in my book. Took making dinner for the one and for the other shaving some of my pubic hair.

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