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Magnitude would ask the victims to pay using bitcoin.How much depended on whichever ransomware was used.But a new model is emerging that has gangs selling directly to customers.But with this model, the gang (which in this case is called Magnitude) gives the customer their exploit kit for free.Trustwave's VP of Security Research Ziv Mador has put together a presentation he gives to customers so they can get a better handle on how to protect themselves.As he put it, it's just a "glance of what we find." But Mador has given Business Insider an exclusive look at the wheeling and dealing of hackers inside this secretive world — check it out below.

Trustwave tracked the flow of bitcoin into one ransomware account, it came to ,000 in one week alone.

Mador explained that this business model "makes a lot of sense." Buyers don't have to put up any money to cooperate and the gangs rake in a lot of cash for any traffic caught.

At the same time, he adds that the rental system is still more prevalent.

So a hacker can rent the use of this kit for either a day, a week or a month, from anywhere from to 0.

0 may seem like a lot, but Mador assures us "it's really not a big expense." RIG's business model operates much like retail does, with a warehouse and resellers.

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The catch is it has the customer share a certain percentage of their malware traffic.

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