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Need ideas about how to recreate your favorite meal from A Song of Ice and Fire? If none of these 11 options speak to you, there's always book trivia night, which definitely needs to exist.

Bonus points if you've both read the book so you can do the whole compare-contrast thing.

And that can up the ante on date ideas for book nerds.Low noise and lower lighting, a secret entrance, lots of leather?This one fits the bill — a perfect place for whispering means you get to sit extra-close. OK, maybe it's a little stagey, but don't all bookworms secretly fantasize about reading in public and being the subject of some other page-turner's furtive glancing?Registration entails providing The Bookworm in writing the name of your club, addresses and phone numbers of members, and designating someone in the group to act as the contact person.Active means that we have heard from someone in the group during the last three years.

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The discount is for your book club titles only and does not extend to any non-book club books purchased.