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Hang in there if you're in the early days and start doing other stuff - you have so much time on your hands now, so get out there and get active, meet people or just walk around and be happy.

Reddit thread: Anyone else notice increased concentration? In college I didn't do well unless I was on adderall.

When people speak to me to tell me things I am fully engaged and I am actively listening to them. I would feign listening, not remember anything and then waste time wonder what was going on, trying to teach myself from scratch and then annoying them by asking them to show me for a second or third time. It is tough to accurately describe it without sounding too poetic, but you feel like you're tuned into life, you're aware of more than you were before.

At work, there are girls that I would consider to be out of my league that are now looking at me.

The clarity and lack of depression for me was extremely noticeable and you will likely feel like a different person.I couldn't put my finger on it but I think I could have the answer.How many of those guys would have, without knowing it been abstaining from porn and masturbation, and only getting their orgasms through sex with their girlfriends?*I have been able to accept what I am, what I think and what I feel. *Just booked a long solo trip; I can have engaging conversations with strangers now, so it's not as daunting as it would have been in the past.*I've also started to not give as many fucks as I used to.

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It stayed firm for 10 minutes and all it took was kissing, cuddling and light touching.