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Official exhibits mean high visibility, promotion and traffic.Read More The Global Rights Showcase is an official exhibit at The New York Rights Fair.Read More “As a small publisher I thank my lucky stars for the exhibition service CBE provides.My personal representative keeps tabs on what is needed, and reminding me when I forget and advising me when I am too busy to read their fliers.However, its use by Turkic speakers within China, such as the Uyghurs, is considered pejorative by the Chinese authority who had tried to ban it. The word Manzi (蠻子) or Mangi is a derogatory term in Chinese meaning "barbarians of the south" (Man was used to describe unsinicised Southern China in its earlier periods), and would therefore not have been used by the Chinese to describe themselves or their own country, but was adopted by the Mongols to describe the people and country of Southern China.As European and Arab travelers started reaching the Mongol Empire, they described the Mongol-controlled Northern China as Cathay (in a number of spelling variants) as well. The division of China into northern and southern parts ruled by, in succession, the Liao, Jin and Mongol Yuan dynasties in the north, and the Song dynasty in the south, ended in the late 13th century with the conquest of southern China by the Mongol Yuan dynasty. Meanwhile, in China itself, people usually referred to their nation state based on the name of the ruling dynasty, e.g.Supply us with a pdf file and an Ad size of 8.5" x 11", color or black & white. Feature your title for added discoverability or promote it just before a major library show. Read More Meet your readers, members of the library community and the public face to face! We provide the premium space at the show, the table, and help before, during and after the signing.Contact Claribel Ortega, [email protected] for more information.

Book Fair Buddy can be used anywhere; at book fairs, cons, bookstores and libraries. THE Combined Book Exhibit® is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected names in the publishing community.

I have always found that one of the most valuable parts of the conference is the time that I am able to spend at the Combined Book Exhibit.

it is the one time when I get a chance to actually examine and review for myself new books. I can scan the index and table of contents and skim through the pages getting ... Peter Birch The Combined Book Exhibit 277 White Street Buchanan, NY 10511 Dear Peter: I wanted to put into writing my comment to you at ALA this past summer. has relied upon CBE to represent us at from 8 – 10 shows per year all around the country. Combined Book Exhibit has consistently provided the best exposure for our books at trade shows.

For over 85 years, CBE has been showcasing published works at national and international book shows and expos, becoming a dependable resource for the publishers it serves, and the librarians and educators who depend on it.

The Combined Book Exhibit® reputation with publishers has helped it grow into one of the biggest-if not the biggest-exhibitor at each show it attends, while it's reputation with educators, librarians and book trade professionals makes it one of the busiest.

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