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At each stage in our recovery, we need different things to move to the next stage and back to where we are better and stronger than before.

This quick quiz will help you see what you can do to get to this next place in your recovery.

I got ten weeks of amazing counseling with someone that knew exactly how to help.

You will be ok, be proud of yourself because searching for help is a first step on your understanding and personal growth.

Have you joined a casual adult dating website before and had no success?

You may not have been aware that several of the leading adult dating brands create their own fake accounts in the name of entertainment and hide the details in thier terms and conditions.

Often the narcissist has been gaslighting you that ‘they’ are not the problem but ‘you’ are.

So get started with our short quiz to find out if you are being abused by a narcissist.

Their adult sites are packed with inactive accounts which are used to trick you into sharing your credit card details for an upgrade.

Profiles allow users to express their sexual interests so you know exactly what turns them on!

If you're fed up with boring dates then something casual could be just what you need.

The first question you must ask yourself is ‘Am I being abused?

” Narcissistic people can be very charming and things can get quite muddy and this is extremely confusing for survivors.

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You can arrange a date without needing any upgrades or payments.

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