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The Council i^eoommoid B that the State Board for* Vocational Eduoavion be designated as the adminis- trative and fiscal agency for Title Part of the Education Amendments of l9? The Council further recommend Q that vocational education be equally represented on the Planning commission. Industry is involved in North Dakota's Vocational Education Programs in a couple of ways* First, many businesses in the state are involved in cooperative education programs, Infor- EKLC - 5 - ri MLiou received from t.l\^)be bus 1 ni-"-a i, i Le: Lpat.

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North Dakota State Advisory Council for Vocational Education, Farqo. 65 HC-.29 Adult Vocational Education; ^Advisory Committees; Annual Reports; Area Vocational Schools; ^Comprehensive Districts; Inservice Education; Job Placement; *Program Evaluation; *State Programs; Vocational Counseling; ^Vocational Education *North Dakota ABSTRACT The third annual evaluation report of the North Dakota Advisory Council for Vocational Education is developed in four phases; (1) recommendations incorporating the rationale ' for resulting recommendations to the State Board for Vocational Education, (2) evaluation of the state goals and priorities (Goal I) , (3) serving people and their needs (Goal II), and (4) assessment of Goal III, the extent to which Council recommendations for the previous year have been accomplished. ERIC - 1 - Vocational student representatives have been good ambassadors for their respective organizations and have personified the benefits gained from that participation.

North Dakota State Board for Vocational Education, Bismarck . The Council found that North Dakota's vocational education programs were realistic and progressing toward an effective system. Recommendations for 1973 included certification requirements for school administrators and guidance personnel, continuation of the career education concept, encouragement of student organizations in vocational education, establishment of a comprehensive vocational education evaluation plan, and development of comprehensive multi-district vocaticnal programs, (MF) o ERIC I North Dakota State Advisory Council for Vocational Education -— December 1972 O ^ "Buy North Dakota Products FILMED FROM BEST /O/AIL-A BLE CCFY NOKTH DAKOTA ADVISORY COu NCLL Mjbrliiiri^llb AND COMri Xil Etb r OR VOCATIONAL EDI /CATION Mrs • Ray Mxller, Chaxrinan Dr* Marlowe Johnson Fargo Minot Mr. At the present tiise in North Dakota, Vocational Student Organizations are the Future Farmers of America (FFA), Future Homeniakers of America (FHA) , Distributive Education Clubs in America (DECA) , and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) . i should be given to the establishment of Vocational I^idus trial Clubs of Ameri ca ( VIC A ) .

NUMB EE OF STUDENTS SERVED IN NORTH DAKOTA VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS, 19 7 19 7 2 1971 19 72 Change D'is advan taged Handi aapp ed Seoondai'y Post Seaondai'*y 16, 470 4, 117 Sy 612 5, 377 774 20, 06 'A 4, '60 7 8, 2G3 1,218 42, 744 8,010 884 ^2,637; •f- llo ^3, fj9 2 i- 190 ^2,6 CL Adult Cooperative 983 3SS TOTAL -^9,411 EKLC - 6 - Uiic i^Oc3 1 (^f tile 19/2 SLci Le was ; i / t pe:.-con L of the st^idt'iit of secondary nchoo L a^e with vocal 1. • Are valid data available for planning purpr-es (ie,, manpower needs, job opportunities^ and employer needs)?The local school systems and the State Board for Vocational Education have their positions well outlined. 'To what extent wero ttie state goals rnet during the year and to what Gxteni" does this represent an improvement over last year?In reviewing the 19 72 State Plan and looking at the final reports, it is obvious that every goal has been met or exceeded.Procedures for accoinplishiug gocils and priorities are spelled out well In the State Plan.The plan points out the respons ib i 1 i Lies of each group involved in each program.

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