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One day he was on the phone with a client when she confided in him about her dating woes living in a small town.

This have now fincely distroyed me and im still paying loan back, but its my folt for beleiving her and being sucked in, they do say loves blind.The museum also runs the Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green and used to run the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden and Apsley House.The Theatre Museum is now closed and the V&A Theatre Collections are now displayed within the South Kensington building.This guy works 24 hours a day to bring food to peoples’ tables and these women showed him absolutely no respect.” There were other hurdles.12 years ago, people were leery of dating sites and embarrassed to admit they had joined one.“Knowing that means everything…it’s what keeps me going.” Surprisingly, members who’ve met and married don’t seem in any hurry to get off the site.In the 1980s, Sir Roy Strong renamed the museum as "The Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum of Art and Design".

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She said all the right thing, so i throught, she she her mother was not well and she was working as a hairdresser and was surporting her mum, 1 bother, 1 sister and her self.

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