Are mars argo and titanic sinclair dating

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Are mars argo and titanic sinclair dating

With a painful break-up between Mars and Titanic, Mars is currently single and trying to overcome the pain, abuse, and threaten by her ex-boyfriend, Titanic.The couple met each other via the favorite social media app, My Space and were immediately attracted to each other and started dating.He even stole her identity to create a fake copy of her in the form of You Tube rival ‘Poppy.’ So, let’s know about Mars Argo dating affair with her ex-boyfriend. Along with the dating affair and boyfriend, Mars Argo bio is also the one, people are keen to explore.Hence, let’s start digging the facts related to Mars Argo wiki, bio, boyfriend, net worth, age, height, and parents.These videos have a certain eerie aura, the creepier ones include Poppy spitting blood and talking to robot “producers” off camera.

She later rebranded herself and deleted all of her old Moriah Poppy videos.The lack of background history and information surrounding both Mars Argo and Poppy allude to the dehumanization of pop stars.In the videos, Poppy mentions how she loves her “handlers” and asks,“Will this protect me?Mars Argo and her ex-boyfriend recently surfaced back to news after Mars filed a lawsuit against Titanic for copyright violation claim.She resurfaced in April 2018, now performing under the duo’s name, and promised new music in the future to her fans. Her salary, income, and are yet to be determined as it hasn’t been disclosed yet.

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He has worked on projects with Mars Argo and That Poppy that mock celebrity and pop culture.