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There was a dull thud as her attacker fell to the floor. As I fumble for the light switch, I wonder what time it is. Even though I flick the switch, the light doesn’t come on. The girl screamed and swung the fork she was holding in her hand. I’m buck naked in all my videos too.” That’s the spirit!Also, she plays a lesbian video artist determined to find out about the black actresses ignored by Hollywood history, so there’s absolutely nothing not awesome about this situation.

In fact, Whitfield snagged a NAACP Image Award, a Golden Globe nomination and an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Josephine Baker in this flick.A note on the nudity in this post: Because we have this fantasy of people giving us money to advertise things on our website, we usually stick to a “no-nudity” rule on everything, but honestly placing little cartoon hearts over everybody’s nipples for this post started to feel silly and sex-negative because like, who says nipples need to be censored? In a post about showing boobs, we shouldn’t be boobs. In the past, we have celebrated ten movies we watched for the brief nudity. You can share your favorite topless situations in the comments!Anyhow, we’re still maintaining the fantasy of getting advertisers one day, so this will probs be the only time we show you any nip. After the release of her first feature film, that “it doesn’t bother me to be naked on-camera.This slapsticky scene has made its way onto far too many “worst topless scenes” lists, therefore cementing its inclusion here. Like it scared the fuck out of me and made me so sad for my boring life, but I loved it obvs. She usually got naked in the actual episode as well, which was a nice bonus.Most of the time on , people are slicing each other’s heads off with knives!

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But sometimes there are 4-minute lesbian sex scenes, like this one starring Indian actress Sahara Knite, The UK’s only Muslim porn star! In the 90’s/early 00’s we were pretty much willing to watch anything that claimed to be both “indie” and regarding “coming of age.” Plus it won a bunch of gay film festival prizes because Sara Rue’s bestie in the movie is gay.

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