Ang pagdating ni ferdinan magellan sa pilipinas

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Ang pagdating ni ferdinan magellan sa pilipinas

It was during Humabon's grief when Baladhay was driven sick.He then ordered his native tribe to bring Baladhay into a chapel where the Santo Niño was enthroned.Candle vendors at the Basilica continue to perform the traditional version of the dance when lighting a candle for the customer, usually accompanied by songs in the native language.The Sinulog dance steps were believed to originate from Rajah Humabon's adviser, Baladhay.A popular theme among Sinulog dances is Queen Juana holding the Santo Niño in her arms and using it to bless her people who are often afflicted by sickness caused by demons and other evil spirits.Arrival of López de Legazpi After Magellan died on April 27, 1521 on the shores of Mactan, the remnants of his men returned to Spain.The Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines.The festival honors the vision of the child Jesus, known as the Santo Niño (Holy Child),who used to be the patron Saint of the City of Cebu (since in the Catholic faith Jesus is not a saint, but God).

At the moment of receiving the idol, it was said that Queen Juana danced with joy bearing this image of the child Jesus.He presented the image of the child Jesus, the Santo Niño, as baptismal gift to Hara Amihan, wife of Rajah Humabon.Hara Amihan was later named, Queen Juana in honor of Juana, mother of Carlos I.Up to this day, the two-steps forward, and the one-step backward movement dance is still used by the Santo Niño devotees believing that it was the Santo Niño's choice to have Baladhay dance.History On April 7 , 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived and planted the cross on the shores of Cebu, claiming the territory for Spain.

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Moments later, surprisingly, Baldhay was heard shouting and was found dancing with outmost alertness.