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Previously, campfires, bonfires and open-fire cooking were conspicuous exceptions to the burning restriction imposed by such a ban, which the State Forester is given the authority by state law to declare in fire-, weather- and/or resource-related emergencies.

READ THE FULL RELEASE Forestry Commission officials announced the economic impact of the state’s forestry sector in grand fashion Wednesday, April 26, unveiling a large backdrop depicting the industry’s billion contribution to the state’s economy.

FIND OUT MORE The South Carolina Forestry Commission has entered into a partnership with commercial forestry seedling provider Arbor Gen, which will provide management services to operate the agency’s 60-year-old tree nursery in Edgefield County.Both the USDA and the Forestry Commission are equal opportunity providers and employers.Due to security and computer virus protection, your email inquiry may be perceived as "spam" and not delivered to the intended recipient.READ THE FULL RELEASE Current Wildland Fires in South Carolina Current Burning Notifications Today's Fire Weather Firewise USA™ Recognition Program Recent Presentations Seedlings for Sale Current Timber Price Reports Current State Land Timber Sales - Upcoming timber sales on state owned forestland.Purchase Recreation Permits Online (opens in a new window) Economic Impact Analysis of SC's Forestry Sector, 2017 (pdf) Forests of South Carolina, 2016 (pdf) USFS State of South Carolina's Forests Fact Sheet (pdf) Forest Products Fact Sheet (pdf) Economic Impact of SC Forests -Analysis (pdf) Forestry Impact by Numbers (pdf) Southeastern Partnership for Forests and Water Initiative South Carolina's Forested Acreage by County (pdf) SC Forest Inventory and Analysis 2012 Factsheet (pdf) Tables (pdf) SC Timber Products Output and Use, 2013 State Forest Sustainable Commitment Statement (pdf) South Carolina Forestry's 2015 Project South Carolina Forest Resource Assessment (Forest Action Plan) Primary Forest Industry Directory - list of all wood and paper manufacturing industries in the state.

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