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Not wanting to be driving an unregistered car she made a fateful decision. She'd asked Darcy about using his computer and scanner a couple of days previous and he'd been compliant. D and the relevant documents from a drawer she made her way to her son's room and entered his domain.She shook her head and smiled at his unmade bed and tried not to get annoyed at the dirty clothing scattered on the floor.As he came inside her on that same night they met, she told him she loved him and he said the same.When he drove her home and promised to phone her the next day she imagined wedding bells and white picket fences.

The lock screen appeared with some kind of demon face staring back at her.

Some mix-up at their end had seen her car's registration become invalid and her plan was to scan all the relevant details and email them the night before.

Georgia entered the kitchen, looked at the time and took a deep breath.

When two days had passed and no call came she hesitated dialing the number he'd given her.

Her mind knew what was happening but her heart held out hope.

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