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To her relief, the history had been deleted and no other search terms popped up.Turning on the scanner she placed her drivers license on the glass and closed the lid. More details." Georgia was in two minds as to what to do.Georgia Reed met the man of her dreams when he saved her from an overly aggressive mosh pit at a Fugazi concert in 1992.A blonde undercut and a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt, she thought he looked like Kurt Cobain.Yes, he had said she could use the computer but that was probably implied under his supervision.As she opened the search engine to access her email she was instantly apprehensive as to what may inadvertently appear.The number wasn't connected and she never saw him again.Nine months later she met the true love of her life and she named him Darcy.

Managing to remember her own password Georgia opened her work email and began sifting through the business of the day. At nearly 60, Carol had 15 years of experience over Georgia, she also had two sons. He'd dodged a bullet, he thought but would have to be more careful in the future. He'd seen it done on porn sites and decided to give it a go and who's image more than anyone else's did he have access to? He hadn't even been attracted to her sexually up until this point.As he came inside her on that same night they met, she told him she loved him and he said the same.When he drove her home and promised to phone her the next day she imagined wedding bells and white picket fences.What she should have been asking herself was why the hell her own son was creating such an image to begin with? Unregistered car be damned, she'd deal with the DMV another time. He must have doctored it somehow, to make it pornographic." She leaned in to talk closer to Carol. " Georgia resumed her position and waited for Carol's inevitable shocked response. God I thought you were going to say it was to do with animals or something! It felt good to unburden herself of the secret but Carol was making her feel silly for even fretting over it in the first place. " "Trust me sweetheart, "weird" comes naturally to men. They would try and be surreptitious but ended up making more noise than elephants, I knew what they were up to. "I'd stay naked for longer in the bathroom, allowing them both to get their fill through the keyhole." "You've got twins haven't you? I would pretend to examine my breasts but really I was just caressing myself. Eventually one afternoon I left my bedroom door ajar and lay naked on the bed. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I wanted them to come in." Carol's face was flushed, she felt a familiar wetness in her crotch as she recounted the memory. I wanted to feel them inside me." Georgia herself was turned on by the story. Charles never found out what I was doing in there, they sure as hell didn't say anything to him. They both met girls and are now married with kids of their own." Carol paused and seemed to Georgia to choose her next words carefully. * * * * * Darcy loaded a bag of cement onto the back of a tray truck.Right now she had to get to work and she had a lot of thinking to do. "But don't you understand, he made a photo of me look as though I was naked. I even began to enjoy it and play along." "My god Carol, you didn't! " Georgia added, imagining the scene in her own head. I'm sure you can imagine what I did." Georgia, mouth slightly agape, nodded in understanding. "I had a hand between my legs and one on my breast. She shifted in her seat and felt the dampness in her panties. I was up and out of bed by the time he saw me so he just assumed I was changing for dinner." "You really would have gone through with it? "I'm just saying Georgia, I don't know how you feel about all this but you're still young and in good shape. I'm advising you to not humiliate him and think about your own happiness. The office had all of a sudden become stiflingly hot to her and she made her way to the bathroom to splash some water on her face. At 45 the years had been kind to her, with wrinkle free skin and a high metabolism that never saw her put on excess weight. He'd had the job as a laborer at the building site for over a month now and it was having a noticeable effect on his muscle strength and fitness.

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