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Active Directory is Microsoft’s directory services solution that provides LDAP and Kerberos services for identification and authentication.Many organizations with Windows computers use Active Directory because it provides these features: It is easy to integrate Mac OS X into an Active Directory environment.Although Mac OS X computers can access directory information provided by Active Directory via the LDAPv3 connector, you should use the Active Directory connector, which provides the following capabilities: In this chapter you will learn how to use System Preferences, Directory Utility, and the command line to bind to Active Directory, and to modify the default settings for the Active Directory connector to enable login and access to a network home folder.You will learn how to overcome problems with your initial bind to Active Directory, and you will learn troubleshooting techniques for login problems with an Active Directory user account.Before you bind, however, you need to know a few things about your Active Directory service.When you bind to Active Directory, you need to know the domain name and you must have the credentials of a user who has authorization to join computers to Active Directory.

You can use the Accounts pane of System Preferences, Directory Utility, or you need to take some additional steps (such as enabling the Active Directory connector and adding the Active Directory node to your search paths).

This computer ID is based on your host name (if you use the Accounts preference) or your Bonjour name (if you use Directory Utility).

Regardless of what you enter as a computer ID, Mac OS X will use only the lowercase characters a–z, 0–9, dash (-), and underscore (_), in order for Mac OS X file sharing to be compatible with legacy Windows computers.

If you delete the computer object or reset the computer object password in Active Directory, you need to rebind Mac OS X to Active Directory in order for Mac OS X to access Active Directory.

When you use System Preferences or Directory Utility to bind to Active Directory, you see a suggested computer ID to use for the name of the Active Directory computer object.

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When binding to Active Directory, you need to supply the credentials of an Active Directory administrator or user who is authorized to create computer objects.

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