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Law enforcement is often concerned with traditional crimes and might not have the resources necessary to investigate and prosecute the crime. In order to defeat them, technological innovations need to advance in law enforcement’s favor.

Traffickers have modified their methods of recruitment and business with potential buyers. In addition, the Internet’s anonymity has led it to be a favorite source of communication among youth.

Nancy Baym in notes, “In many online environments, people seek to individualize themselves as different from the other participants (Baym 2010, 108).

Internet offers affordability, accessibility, and anonymity –the “Triple-A Engine Effect” (Manning 2006, 133).

It grants its users mobility and the ability to use more than one mobile device, thereby making it borderless and difficult for law enforcement to prosecute traffickers and buyers.

Moreover, if the sexual encounter is not recorded, it will be difficult to trace the IP address and to prove that a crime has been committed. and the Philippines collaborate with different sectors of civil society: parents, educators, children themselves, and law enforcement (including adequate resources) to prevent this crime from happening in the first place? Although this is great news for our fast-paced society, it also allows traffickers to recruit victims on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype, Snapchat, and Oovoo among many others by gaining their trust by posing as a child/teen with similar interests and problems.

Jan Willem Duyvendak, in his book argues that individuals from all societies struggle to feel at home somewhere.

When they do find a place that they identify as home, they might personalize it only to find that they do not belong there (CGA Lecture November 4, 2013).

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The traffickers use this need to feel at home to target children who come from a troubled family life, poverty, abusive homes, and runaways.