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16 year old dating older man

Last month, they invited divorced double-glazing fitter and father-of-one Craig Wright into their home, where he now shares a bedroom with their daughter.According to 51-year-old Sheila, of Northfleet, Kent, who runs a yachting business with her 56-year-old husband, they had no choice in the matter.

My Grand father has had 3 different wives (ALL of pretty varying ages). Scroll down for more..."What I didn't want was to back her into a corner by laying down the law and forcing her to choose between me and him," she says."She's always been a headstrong girl, and the more I say 'no', the more she'll say 'yes'." Of course, most parents would find it hard to stomach the idea that their 16-year-old daughter was having a sexual relationship with a 36-year-old man under their roof. "I hate the thought of her sleeping with any man, because I think she is too young to understand the implications of a sexual relationship," she says."But I know she is 16 and I can't stop her.She has written numerous articles giving advice to parents about working with their teens and maintaining healthy relationships.The advice given above are from Witmer's blog entries in 20 respectively.

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Every situation is going to be different and how parents handle their daughter's dating relationships is going to be up to them.

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